Unemployed JAC Urges Telangana Govt to Enhance Age Limit for Constable, SI Posts

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Unemployed JAC urges the Telangana government to raise the age limit for constable and SI positions.

Hyderabad: The state's unemployed JAC urged yesterday that the state government raise the maximum age limit for police constable and SI positions by two years. It was evident that the state government's recent move to raise the age limit by three years was insufficient.

The JAC staged a large rally at Osmania University, asking that the state government meet its demands. Manavata Rai, the head of the JAC, led the rally.

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Rai urged that the state government lower the minimum height requirement for DSP positions from 167.6 cms to 165 cms, in line with UPSC norms.

At the event, Dr G. Srinivas, the JAC's general secretary, and OU JAC chairman Koppula Pratap Reddy, among others, attended.

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