Soon, AI To Evaluate Answer Scripts in Telangana

Soon, AI To Evaluate Answer Scripts in Telangana - Sakshi Post

Telangana will soon have AI evaluating answer sheets.

Hyderabad: In Telangana, where the State Board of Technical Education and Training (SBTET) is considering the first-of-its-kind use of an AI-based system for evaluating diploma students' answer scripts, artificial intelligence will soon evaluate their competence.

The new method will use artificial intelligence to correlate terms in the response script with the answer key, allowing for computer-based grading. The computer recognizes the right answers and assigns grades based on the key.

“For every question paper, the Board prepares the answer key for evaluation. After the exams, the answer scripts are scanned and stored in the server. Using the answer key and AI, the answer scripts will be evaluated. Given the dearth of regular teachers, this new system could come in handy for the Board,” officials said.

The Board is also looking at issues such as handwriting, how to approach mathematical difficulties and answers, and engineering drawings that may arise during AI-based review.

Officials added, "These issues were discussed during meetings, and we are looking into how to resolve them." For starters, the planned system, which is still in the design stages, is likely to take shape and go into effect shortly for at least a few subjects.

The Board now uses an on-screen evaluation mechanism to evaluate diploma students' answer scripts each semester. After the exams are completed, the students' answer scripts are scanned and saved in a server as part of this assessment system. Teachers can analyze answer scripts on the computer and issue marks using a user ID and password. Answer scripts were manually examined at universities or assessment camps before the introduction of onscreen evaluation.

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