Pianist Louiz Banks Joins Artium Academy As Faculty To Help Youth Music Education

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Referred to as the Godfather of Indian Jazz, Louiz Banks has for the first time designed a piano/keyboard curriculum exclusively for Artium Academy, the leading online music ed-tech platform.

Bengaluru: A piano is the first instrument that lays the foundation for any music education programme, and to set the gold standards of music education, Artium Academy and Louiz Banks have collaborated to create a special piano curriculum, which will be helmed by the Godfather of Indian Jazz himself.

The piano is traditionally considered to provide a solid foundation for music study. Many performers have devoted their careers to this instrument, like Louiz Banks himself, the maestro whose melodies are etched in our minds. The keyboard is at the heart of the composition, and Louiz, via the course, will guide young children to become familiar with the piano and lay the groundwork for their melodious journey with music.

"I am thrilled to collaborate with Artium Academy in its vision to bridge the gap in youth music education. To enable this, I have specially designed a piano/keyboard curriculum for the first time, drawing from my years of knowledge and experience. Learning the piano not only creates a strong foundation in music, but it also develops your personality from an early age. Hence, I would urge children and their parents to use this opportunity to kick-start their musical journey through Artium Academy, "says Louiz Banks.

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When music meets technology, it sets off a wave of inclusiveness in quality education which otherwise has been restricted by the rigidity of the prevailing system. At Artium Academy, our motto is to combine quality education with technological innovation to deliver the most comprehensive education developed in an all-around way. This piano course designed by Mr Louiz Banks, available exclusively on Artium’s platform, echoes this philosophy completely, "remarked Ashish Joshi, Founder & CEO of Artium Academy.

It is a pioneering course offered in a live, one-on-one training mode and taught by teachers handpicked by Louiz Banks himself. The course is delivered on Artium Academy’s proprietary platform, where learners can get access to personalised dashboards, learning tools, graphs, and a practice studio.

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