IAA India Wins 'Best Organisation for Sustainable Development' Award

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In appreciation of his commitment to environmental preservation, Canco Advertising founder Ramesh Narayan will receive the Most Sustainable Marcom Personality Award  

The International Advertising Association (IAA) India is set to receive the 2024 'Best Organisation Spearheading Sustainable Development' award from Earthday.Org. The award recognizes the IAA's efforts to promote and encourage marketing and advertising companies to take proactive steps towards environmental sustainability.

Ramesh Narayan, the founder of Canco Advertising, will also be honoured with Earthday.org's Most Sustainable Marcom Personality Award for his relentless commitment to environmental conservation efforts.

In addition to the organizational recognition, Ramesh Narayan will be individually recognized for his exceptional contributions. His achievements include founding the prestigious International Advertising Association (IAA) Olive Crown Awards, advocating for mass tree planting initiatives in urban and rural areas, and actively participating in solar-driven rural transformation projects.

The award ceremony honouring Ramesh Narayan will occur at the upcoming Olive Crown Awards ceremony scheduled for April 5. Furthermore, Earthday.Org will host a separate award ceremony in July to present IAA with its distinguished award for spearheading sustainable development.

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