Bridgestone India Launches New Tyre For The Construction And Mining Sector

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The new tyre offers strong performance through better durability and wear life for high load vehicles post the new Axle load Norms.

Hyderabad/Pune: Bridgestone India today announced the launch of its new tyre for the construction and mining sector. This is sector operates tippers and dumpers that are used for heavy loads. The new axle norms announced by the Union transport ministry permitted trucks to carry up to 20% more weight. This increase in the load required tyres that could handle the excess weight. Bridgestone’s new tyre the L370HL addresses this requirement. Tippers and dumpers are used in rough terrain and as such need a stronger tyre that can sustain the rigours of the terrain as well as a design that enables the vehicle’s movement on roads.  Bridgestone India has used proprietary software to design this tyre to cater to this requirement. The L370HL tyre is made of a special tread compound that offers excellent cut-chip resistance on off road thereby extending tyre life.

“Cost-efficient logistics are key to the economics of the construction and mining sector. Downtime because of tyre malfunction can negatively impact the bottom line. Our L370HL is designed to weather the roughs of these sectors giving operators smooth logistics and thereby increasing productivity and efficiencies of these core sectors” said Parag Satpute, Managing Director. 

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L370HL Tyre is suitable for heavy load segment and will be available in the size 295/90R20. The tyre is in block and shoulder lug design for heat radiation and block tear resistance respectively. The enforced bead structure improved the bead durability on the off-road. This tyre will not only boost longevity but will also enhance robust performance Dual Nylon Chafer is another special feature of the product that will protect the highly stressed body ply turn up, and spread the stresses over a larger area to reduce cracking. In this segment Durability in overload and ON-Off road usage is the key consumer Need. Improvement in durability (especially bead durability) and cut resistance are the key change points of this new product.

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