Watch: Megastar Chiranjeevi Denies These Rumours

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Megastar Chiranjeevi has categorically denied rumours that he will campaign for his brother Pawan Kalyan in the Pithapuram Assembly constituency. Pawan Kalyan, the president of Janasena Party, is contesting elections from Pithapuram as part of the NDA-TDP alliance.

Speaking to the media on his arrival to Hyderabad, Chiranjeevi clarified, "I am not going to Pithapuram for political canvassing. My brother never asked me to promote his party. As he is my brother, I wish for his victory, which is why I shared a video byte."

The megastar addressed the rumours in the news about him joining the election campaign. "I don't understand why they're saying I'll be in Pithapuram," he said. Chiranjeevi also emphasized his desire to stay away from political affiliations. When asked about extending support to any party, "I want to stay away from political parties," he responded.

However, the actor expressed his well-wishes for his brother's political ambitions. "I always hope for Pawan Kalyan's success and growth in his political journey. To show my support, I released a video," Chiranjeevi explained.

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