TDP Leader Pattabhi Comments Under Chandrababu's Directions: AP Chief Whip Gadikota

TDP Pattabhi Comments Made Under Chandrababu's Directions: AP Chief Whip Gadikota - Sakshi Post

TDP Leader Pattabhi Comments Under Chandrababu's Directions: AP Chief Whip Gadikota |YSR KADAPA: Government Chief Whip and YSRCP leaderGadikota Srikanth Reddy said that as the TDP has lost its political presence in the State, they are indulging in such heinous activities in the State. Speaking at a media conference held on Wednesday morning at the YSRCP Party office here, he said that the whole episode had taken place under Chandrababu Naidu's direction.  These unsavory statements made by K Pattabhiram against Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy were a preplanned conspiracy that was made under his guidance, he alleged. Parties can indulge in politics but with this kind of statement the TDP has lost all dignity in the eyes of the people of the State, Gadikota said.

Chandrababu is provoking people in a preplanned manner, he alleged. Why did Chandrababu suddenly come to AP from Hyderabad?  TDP is indulging in a ghastly game and the manner in which Chandrababu is behaving is equally atrocious, he fired. TDP spokesperson Pattabhi has spoken in the most derogatory way and Chandrababu knew that people would be angered by such comments made against the Chief Minister. “ Do you know the meaning of the words used by Pattabhi ?”, he questioned Chandrababu. Anyone will tell that Chandrababu's reign in the TDP was filled with deceit and betrayal, Srikanth Reddy said.

In the last two and a half years, the Chief Minister has provided many welfare schemes, for the people of the State, said Srikanth Reddy. YS Jagan is protecting democratic values and despite all this, he has directed that people exercise restraint despite provocation by the TDP leaders. Chandrababu will go to any extent for publicity, the Chief Whip said.  Srikanth Reddy demanded that Pattabhi immediately apologize for making derogatory remarks against the Chief Minister.

YSRCP Rayachoti MLA, AP Govt Chief Whip Gadikota Srikanth Reddy Press Conference

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