'Royya Ki Meesam, Babu Ki Mosam' Came By Birth: CM Jagan

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CM Jagan at Memantha Siddham public rally in Bheemavaram, West Godavari district: "What Royya is to moustache, Babu is to deception! Let's expose the bogus campaign of TDP and yellow media. Babu has done nothing for the poor, farmers, elder sisters, and school children. Ask yourself, what development he has done?"

"In 2014, TDP campaigned that development will happen only if Babu comes…They promised to get bullet trains, Microsoft, Olympics and make cities like Singapore. All these were lies! Was he able to build Singapore here? NO! Did he bring Microsoft? NO! Did he construct some port, airport or medical college? NO! Did Chandrababu repair government schools and hospitals in villages? NO!"

CM Jagan also criticised Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan and his lack of morals that affects the social frabic of the society.

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