Nellore: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu Inaugurates 100-metre Tall Akashwani FM Tower

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Nellore: The media is like a mirror which reflects the society and it should strive for a positive change, said Vice President Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday. He inaugurated a 100-metre tall tower of 10 KW Akashwani FM at Nellore. The tower was built at a cost of 10 crore rupees. 

Interestingly, Venkaiah Naidu himself had laid the foundation stone for the Akashwani tower in his home district when he was the Minister of Information & Broadcasting. 

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice President called upon the media to follow values of ethical journalism and be responsible in their coverage of news. Asking the media to exercise restraint and not act on its tendency to exaggerate and sensationalise news, he said the media should desist from misinforming the public. Credibility of the media will remain intact if the media stays closer to truth, the Vice-president asserted. 

Terming the freedom of press an indispensable component of democracy, Venkaiah Naidu said media plays a vital role in educating the people on various issues and strengthening democracy.  He stressed on the critical role the broadcast media plays in national development. 

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“There has always been a debate over media freedom and it should continue. The society and democracy can be safeguarded only through media freedom but if anyone tries to misuse the freedom, they should be sternly dealt with,” Venkaiah Naidu said. 

Naidu expressed his concern over the phenomenon of fake news due to the meteoric rise of social media in our society. He suggested people to avoid sharing any forwarded information without verifying it.

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