Nara Lokesh Is The Iron Leg Of AP: YSRCP Spokesperson

YSRCP Official Spokesperson Konda Rajiv Gandhi Comments On Nara Lokesh and Chandrababu Naidu - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) official spokesperson Konda Rajiv Gandhi fired TDP MLC Nara Lokesh for his objectionable statements against the Chief Minister, and stated that Lokesh was the 'Iron Leg of AP'.

Speaking at a media conference on Monday, the YSRCP leader pointed out the lewd body language of the TDP leader while showing the video clipping of the TDP MLC who is currently on a Padayatra. "This kind of body language or words that Lokesh is using is something unheard of. Only he can use and understand such abusive words," he fumed.

Taking on the TDP Chief and his father N Chandrababu Naidu, the YSRCP leader came out with a new meaning for the acronym CBN- as ‘ Chandra Boothula Naidu’ and christened Nara  Lokesh as the ‘Iron Leg of AP and deemed him to be unfit for public life.

Coming down strongly against Nara Lokesh over his abusive statements against the Chief Minister, Rajiv questioned Lokesh if that was the way one speaks about a Chief Minister. We will not keep quiet if Lokesh continues to speak against the CM and teach him a befitting lesson, he warned.

He also mocked Lokesh for losing in Mangalagiri against the CM’s candidate Alla Ramakrishna Reddy in the 2019 elections. “RK is a tiger in Mangalagiri while Lokesh is just a cat,” he derided further. Citing the list of successes of the AP government, he said, “Ours (YSRCP) is a government that solved the old DSC problem, and YS Jagan is credited with giving permanent jobs to lakhs of people under villages and wards secretariats, among the many other welfare schemes,” Konda Rajiv said.

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