Jagan Wave in 2024: YSRCP strengthened by influx of inductions

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From Former MLAs to Mandal-level leaders, 221 Opposition leaders join hands with YSR Congress Party

Over 1,05,000 grassroots activists join YSRCP at the Panchayat / Ward Level in the last 35 days

A substantial influx of leaders and grassroots activists, from ex-MLAs to Mandal-level leaders, have switched their allegiance to CM Jagan's party just days before the upcoming elections. This trend, noticeable since the start of the Memantha Siddham yatra on March 27th from Idupulapaya in Kadapa district.

As the CM traverses through each district, the number of leaders wanting to join the YSRCP continue to increase. Given the current momentum, Jagan wave 2024 is evident and achieving 175/175 seats seems like a target within reach.

In the past 19 days of the Memantha Siddham bus yatra, approximately 138 prominent leaders from opposing parties including TDP, JanaSena, BJP, and Congress have publicly declared their support for the YSRCP in the presence of CM Jagan. Additionally, 83 more leaders had already joined the party prior to the yatra, bringing the total number to 221. This has significantly strengthened the party's grip not only in specific regions but throughout the state. 

Moreover, over 105,000 grassroots activists at the Panchayat/Ward level have also joined the YSRCP in the last 35 days, underscoring the party's expanding influence across the entire political spectrum. 

In Vijayawada and Guntur:
Tearing down TDP on their home turf, Vijayawada and Guntur regions saw a surge in joinings. Among them are prominent figures such as TDP State Party Secretary - Pendurthi Srinivasa Rao, NTR District TDP Minority Cell President - S.K. Karimulla, NTR District TDP Professional Wing General Secretary - Waseem Akram, and former Corporator and TDP Minority State Leader - Nazeer Hussain. Additionally, in Guntur, State BJP Vice President - Chandhu Sambasiva Rao also joined YSRCP. 

Kadapa and Kurnool:
Notably among the opposition parties who joined the YSRCP were former TDP MLA - Kotha Kota Prakash Reddy, former TDP MLC - Masala Padmaja, and TDP State Legal Cell President - Jeevan Singh, who all joined YSRCP in the presence of CM Jagan. 

Kakinada and Anakapalli:
Makinidu Seshu Kumari from Pithapuram, Pithani Balakrishna from Mummidivaram, Shettibattula Rajababu from Amalapuram, former MLC Lakshmi Sivakumari from Anguri, Bonthu Rajeswara Rao from Rajolu, and former Janasena Incharge Meda Gurudatta Prasad from Rajanagaram, are among the notable Jana Sena leaders who have joined YSRCP from Kakinada district. Senior Janasena leader from Narsipatnam Ruttala Yerrapatrudu and V. Lakshmi from Pappayyapalem.

Jana Sena Nellore District President Chennareddy Manukranth Reddy joined the YSRCP party.

Other Prominent Joinings:
Besides this, former Rayachoti MLA - Ramesh Reddy, former Kalyandurg MLA - Uma Maheshwar Naidu, former Kadiri MLA - Chand Basha, former MLA contestant from Kodumur - Kotla Hari Chakrapani Reddy, former MLA contestant from Puthalapttu - Lalitha Kumari Thomas, former MLA contestant from Nellore - Harikrishna, JSP Nellore District President - Manukranth Reddy, former Kavali MLA - Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, former Peddapuram candidate-  Thota Subba Rao Naidu, former Municipal Chairman from Prathipadu - Pyla Bose and 2019 JSP candidate from Gurazala - Chintalpudi Srinivas Rao, All india SC/ST association President and senior Janasana leader from Amalapuram DMR Sekhar and Durgabhavani are some of the other prominent figures who joined YSRCP during the Memantha Siddham Yatra.

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