Heart-warming moments during CM Jagan's Memantha Siddham yatra

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While Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was touring on the 13th day of the Memantha Siddham Yatra in Mangalagiri and Vijayawada region, his wife YS Bharati joined the crowd to express her support when the bus was passing through Tadepalli junction. Along with the fans who joined to cheer for the Chief Minister, YS Bharati extended a warm greeting to YS Jagan. In response, Chief Minister YS Jagan reciprocated the gesture from within the bus.

Earlier, Handloom weavers interacted with Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in Mangalagiri. A local handloom weaver Vijayalakshmi praised the pro-poor welfare schemes of the YSRCP regime.

"Namaste, Jagananna! It's wonderful to see you in such close proximity. The schemes you have been providing are truly commendable. The initiative to reach out to the elderly on the 1st of every month, early in the morning, and provide them with pensions is particularly noteworthy. In the absence of a secretariat, it would be difficult to seek assistance for any challenges we may encounter. Even after spending hours standing in queues, obtaining the right answers can be elusive. However, today, we appreciate this volunteer system. They come to our doorstep, identify problems, and provide solutions."

"Schemes such as Amma Vodi and Vidya Deevena are invaluable for school children in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Thanks to these initiatives, even people with poor background can afford to send their children to schools. Even in the health aspect, The provision of Rs. 25 lakhs health insurance through Dr. YSR Arogyashri has helped many address their health concerns."

"Chandrababu promised to waive off DWCRA loans but failed to deliver. During the Jagan's tenure, DWCRA loan waivers have been credited to our accounts."

"Jagananna is the only Chief Minister who has successfully implemented all the schemes under 'Navaratnalu' as promised. These schemes are accessible to all eligible individuals, regardless of caste or religion. I am not aware of any family that has been denied of any scheme. Any claims of non-receipt are simply untrue. Therefore, it is imperative that Jagananna is re-elected, and we all should vote for him."

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