Grave Injustice Meted Out to AP in PDS Rice Allocation: YSRCP MPs

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YSR Congress party MPs said that Centre is doing injustice to the Andhra Pradesh state in the allocation of ration under the Public Distribution System (PDS). They said rice being distributed to the state under PDS and National Food Security Act is inadequate as the Centre is supplying rice to only 60 percent of the population of the state. 

The YSRCP MPs slammed the section of media for reporting incorrect stats about the Centre’s allocation of ration to the state. They said a media report in Eenadu, a Telugu language daily newspaper, is misleading its readers with non-factual information like, “The Centre is distributing more ration but only a few people are getting it.” The MPs from the ruling YSRCP party said the media should desist from reporting misinformation. 
Andhra Pradesh is the first state in the country to launch door delivery of rice system under PDS. The innovative move of YS Jagan government is being followed by other states of the country. We are supplying the PDS ration directly to the homes of the beneficiaries to avoid pilferage at any stage, the MPs said.  

We have one crore 54 lakh BPL families in the state but the Centre’s allocation of rice can only feed 89 lakh cardholders. To fill the gap, the state government provides rice to an additional 56 lakh cardholders, the YSRCP parliamentarians said. They added that Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that not a single poor person in the state should go hungry. For this purpose, the state government is spending Rs 3,000 crore on the poor. It is pertinent to note that Chief Minister has met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister Piyush Goyal several times in the past and urged them to increase the quota of rice.

Calling out the grave injustice being meted out to the state of Andhra Pradesh, the MPs said the Central government, under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) scheme, is providing rice to 76 per cent of the population of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat states. They said the Centre has repeatedly ignored the representations in the matters of funds and duties due from it by the state government.  
Without any Centre’s help, the state government is providing 24 lakh metric tonnes of rice to the people, they stated adding in Andhra Pradesh state, 96 percent of the rice distribution goes to the poor. Whereas in other states, the distribution of rice is far less than Andhra Pradesh. 

Strengthening the public distribution system (PDS), Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is providing rice and other essential commodities directly to the poor people through ration shops without any corruption, without any middlemen and without any diversion, MP Vanga Geeta said. 

Kakinada MP said the state government’s initiative of door-to-door delivery of ration is helpful for the poor, the elderly, the differently-abled and labourers. Now the beneficiaries do not have to wait for hours at the ration shops or lose the daily wages for buying rice from fair price shops.  

Of the AP state's 5.5 crore population, about 80 percent population is getting ration through the public distribution system. It is unlikely to share false information in the Parliament. Whether it is due to a clerical mistake in providing information about the PDS rice allocation to the state, or due to the miscalculation during the three year period, the Centre has given some misinformation to the Parliament, Geeta said. 

Meanwhile, the local Telugu media is trying to defame the state government by publishing misinformation about the Centre’s allocation of rice. Kakinada MP said the YSR Congress Party strongly condemns the misleading information in the vernacular media.  

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She further stated that the AP government has always stood by the poor and Chief Minister YS Jagan's aim is to ensure that the poor people get every benefit from the government. Geeta further said that at the 2020-21 NITI Aayog meeting, YSR Congress presented that miscalculation in the PDS for the state and Niti Aayog Chairman also agreed with us. 

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