Denied Jaggampet MLA Ticket, Jana Sena’s Pathamshetty Sits on Indefinite Hunger Strike

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East Godavari: Upset over being denied MLA ticket for the upcoming assembly elections, Jaggampeta constituency incharge and Jana Sena party leader Pathamshetty Suryachandra went on an indefinite hunger strike at a local temple in Atchutapuram hours after the TDP and Jana Sena leaders released the names of candidates for the state elections on Saturday. 

Lambasting the Jana Sena leadership, Suryachandra said Pawan Kalyan had assured him the Jaggampeta seat and now he felt betrayed and cheated by him. As part of the seat-arrangement formula, the Jaggampeta assembly seat was given to Jyothula Nehru of TDP. 

Speaking to the media, Suryachandra bemoaned the broken promises and claimed that his commitment to serving the public interest had been disregarded in favour of political expediency. 

"Those who do not have money have no place in politics," he declared. He vowed to continue his hunger strike until his death, claiming that his sacrifice should serve as a wake-up call for all political parties.

Meanwhile, Suryachandra's wife, Sridevi, echoed his sentiments, accusing the Jana Sena party of betraying their dedication and hard work in service of the people. She blamed Pawan Kalyan's greed on the party's preference for wealthy candidates, which marginalised loyal workers like her husband.

"Jana Sena leadership has cheated us in the name of alliance dharma. Tickets are only for those who have money in the Jana Sena party, No Janasena workers should leave their families and parents and make sacrifices for the party" , Sridevi remarked. 

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