CM YS Jagan Disburses Rs. 275 crore Under YSR Vahana Mithra Scheme

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Vijayawada: Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released Rs. 275.93 crore towards the fifth tranche of YSR Vahana Mithra benefiting 2,75,931 auto, taxi, maxi cab drivers and MDU operators. The amount, benefiting Rs. 10,000 each, would be directly credited into their bank accounts. 

Addressing a huge public meeting before releasing the amount through the click of a button here on Friday, the Chief Minister asked them to take fitness certificates for vehicles and pay insurance on time to ensure safety of their passengers as the financial assistance is intended for that particular purpose.

The Government has so far spent Rs. 1,301 crore under YSR Vahana Mithra providing a financial assistance of Rs. 50,000 to each of the beneficiaries. 

He said that the Government, representing the voice of the voiceless, has so far spent a whopping Rs. 2,35,000 crore through transparent DBT schemes for the welfare of weaker sections while the previous TDP Government pursued the policy of plunder, stash and devour and cheated all sections of society.

Government spent Rs 30, 985 crore on YSR Rythu Bharosa benefitting 52,39,000 farmers, Rs. 26,000 crore under Amma Vodi benefiting 44,48,000 students, Rs.19,178 crore under YSR Aasara for 80 lakh women, Rs. 11,317 crore under Vidya Deevena for 26,99,000 students, Rs.4,275 crore under Vasathi Deevena benefitting 25,17,000 students, Rs.14,129 crore under YSR Cheyutha benefiting 26,40,000 SC, ST, BC and minority women, Rs. 982 crore under Nethanna Nestham for 82,000 handloom weaver families, Rs. 538 crore under Masya kara Bharosa for 2,43,000 fishermen families, Rs.1,257 crore under EBC Nestham benefiting  4,39,000 women, Rs. 2,029 crore under Kapu Nestham benefiting 3,58,000 women, Rs. 927 crore under Jagananna Chedodu benefiting 3,30,000 rajakas and tailors, Rs. 2,956 crore under Jagananna thodu for 15,17,000 petty traders and Rs. 5,000 crore under Sunna Vaddi benefiting 1 crore people.

Despite having the same budget, the previous TDP Government failed to implement these welfare schemes, he said.

In the ensuing elections, the war will be between the ruling YSRCP that has fulfilled 99 percent of its election promises and the opposition that threw its election manifesto into the dustbin, it will be between Government that gave RBKs for handholding the farmers, village clinics and family doctors for strengthening preventive health care and the opposition that ignored the farming community and the public health when it ruled the State.
The Government, which has brought in English medium schools and introduced CBSE syllabus and which is striving to introduce IB syllabus, is waging war with the opposition which has opposed English medium and modern education to the weaker sections, he said.

War with scamsters

“It is a war between the Government that has been implementing welfare schemes without any bias and the Opposition that orchestrated the skill development scam, inner ring road scam, fiber grid scam and assigned land scam during its rule, a war between the Government that gave 30,76,000 house site pattas to the weaker sections and the opposition party which opposed it and moved the courts citing demographic imbalance, a war between the pro-poor Government and the capitalists and the war between  the ruling party that wants the welfare schemes to continue and the opposition that wants to cheat the people after the elections,” he said.

Affirming that 80% of the DBT welfare amount was received by the SC, BC, ST and minority communities, he said that 83 % of the Government jobs also went to them.

While the TDP leaders looted the public money through scams and cheated all sections of society, the present Government has taken the administration to the doorstep of the people delivering the welfare benefits in transparency through the dedicated volunteer system and the village and ward secretariats, said the Chief Minister, asking the people not to fall prey to the misinformation of the TDP and its friendly media. 

“I don’t have the support of the media, foster son or gang of thieves. Plundering the State is not my policy. Don’t be tempted by the offers of shallow promises by the opposition. Your vote for YSRCP will retain the pro-poor government,” he said, adding that he has solely depended on God and people’s support. 

The Chief Minister called upon the people to become his soldiers and bring YSRCP to power again if they believed they benefited from the welfare policies of the Government.

Responding to the appeals of Vijayawada West MLA V. Srinivas, the Chief Minister sanctioned Rs. 7 crore for extending the flood retaining wall in Krishna River, Rs. 3.5 crore for constructing five masjids and sanctioned funds for Kapu and Relli community halls besides an SC burial ground. 

MLA V. Srinivas, Transport Minister P. Viswaroop and scores of people’s representatives and senior officials participated in the programme.

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