CM Jagan's Speech Highlights: Memantha Siddham, Guntur

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Guntur, April 12, 2024 - Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has announced that the YSRCP government has achieved more development than any previous government. Addressing a public event in Guntur, CM Jagan stated that his government has directly deposited 2,70,000 crore rupees into people's accounts.

CM Jagan asserted that the YSRCP government has provided welfare benefits without any bribes or discrimination. He said that the people had pressed the button 130 times to receive direct cash transfers, and they needed to press it twice more to express their support for the YSRCP in the upcoming elections.

The Chief Minister is currently on his 'Memanta Siddham Bus Yatra' in Guntur district, which is entering its 13th day. During the public event in Etukuru, CM Jagan told the crowd that the YSRCP government has implemented 99% of the promises made in its manifesto, which he considers a "holy book."

"The people should be blessed to continue the development that has been going on for 58 months," CM said. He urged the audience to support the YSRCP government, which he claimed has increased the self-esteem of the people. CM Jagan also described the upcoming elections as a "Kurukshetra battle" against the frauds of the opposition party.

Here are key highlights from the CM's speech:

  • Guntur looks like a different world today
  • This great sea of people is forever standing in history
  • This public is taking the history of every home to a new golden world
  • Grateful to every sister, brother, and grandparents who came to support good governance
  • Are you ready to support the government that has done more than any other in history?
  • Chandrababu, Dattaputrudu, Vadinamma - all are telling lies
  • The previous alliance did not fulfill any of their 2014 promises
  • Upcoming elections are a war between Chandrababu's frauds and the people
  • In 2014, Chandrababu made false promises with colorful manifesto
  • The colorful manifesto was distributed but the promises were trampled upon
  • If you vote for Chandrababu, all the welfare schemes will stop
  • Voting for Chandrababu means the end of welfare
  • Chandrababu promised to develop beyond Singapore, but it did not happen
  • The promised women's protection force in every village was not established
  • The promise of providing jobs to the unemployed was not fulfilled
  • The promise of building a hi-tech city in every district was not kept
  • The farmer loan waiver promise was not delivered
  • The promise to cancel loans of savings societies was not fulfilled
  • The promise to deposit Rs. 25,000 for every girl child was not kept
  • The promise of providing 3 cents of land was not fulfilled
  • The promised BC sub-plan of 10,000 crores was not implemented
  • The same leaders are back with new promises, don't believe them
  • Volunteers should go door-to-door and expose Chandrababu's tricks
  • Voting for Jagan means continuing the good work and welfare schemes
  • This is a battle between trustworthiness and deception
  • If you want the good work to continue, vote for the YSRCP
  • Volunteers should go door-to-door and spread the truth
  • Are you ready to vote 175-175 for YSRCP in Assembly and 25-25 in MP seats?

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