CBN's Health Report: Huge Damage To TDP

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The former chief minister and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu is seeking a bail in the skill development scam claiming he has been diagnosed with a heart problem. The Andhra Pradesh high court reserved the verdict after hearing the arguments of both sides on Thursday. 

Naidu is currently out on 4-weeks bail on medical grounds and is legally bound to surrender to the officials of the Rajahmundry central prison on November 28. To avoid the judicial remand, the opposition leader has moved the high court citing health issues. 

The 73-year-old TDP leader had claimed a few months ago that age was just a number for him and he had higher energy levels than other political leaders and now suffering from multiple health problems. 

The TDP party has tied-up with Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party (JSP) ahead of Assembly elections in the state. The party leaders including Nara Lokesh failed to drum up support from other political parties and the people over the arrest of Naidu in the skill development scam case. Naidu spent over 50 days in the prison, the party leaders could not sway the people through protest campaigns. 

The party’s rank and file was hoping for the release of the party chief and the court granted him 4-weeks bail to get the cataract surgery done. Naidu’s recent health report seems to have dampened the spirit of TDP cadre as their leader will not be physically strong enough to hold roadshows and election rallies. The question that’s troubling everyone in the party is will the ailing leader manage to lead the party to considerable seats in the forthcoming elections? Will the electorate trust him given his failing health? On the other hand, young and dynamic CM YS Jagan is leading the state and party in full force. While the welfare and progress are two key factors that CM Jagan is banking upon, beleaguered TDP is battling with legal cases and losing its ground.

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