Hyd police unearth toxic milk racket

Hyd police unearth toxic milk racket - Sakshi Post

A person was arrested in Hyderabad by the police for allegedly adulterating milk and selling banned veterinary drugs.

Acting on a tip-off, the North Zone task force team, along with personnel from the Commissioner of Food Safety, Drug Control department and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) raided a house at Bholakpur in Musheerabad locality in Hyderabad and arrested Damodar Yadav who is allegedly involved in adulterating milk and selling banned veterinary drugs to some milk vendors, without any valid license, the police said.
The police seized 65 bags of milk powder, 1000 Oxytocin ampoules, 250 litres of hydrogen peroxide and 400 hypodermic syringes, the police said.
Allegedly, the arrested used to prepare what they called 'milk', with the help of milk vendors by mixing hydrogen peroxide with water and inferior quality milk powder. Since hydrogen peroxide gives a thick lather and foam, one litre of such 'milk' would cost them only about Rs 15, which they allegedly sold for about Rs 35, the police said.
Also, Damodar allegedly sold a banned drug called Oxytocin, along with hypodermic syringes, which is administered to cattle to get a higher output of milk. If given to cattle, Oxytocin's traces find its way into the milk and also to human beings affecting their health drastically, the police said.

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