Fashion In India Now More Competitive: Designer Abhinav Mishra

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New Delhi: Designer Abhinav Mishra, who started his eponymous fashion label in 2009, feels fashion in India has now become a more competitive market. So, he says it is important for young entrants in the industry to have more knowledge about trends. "Nowadays, people are more clear about fashion and about what they need. It has become a more competitive market, so I feel young designers should have more knowledge about fashion and trends. It is critical to understand the pulse of the market and what consumers really want," Mishra told IANS.

"Obviously, the digital age has helped us with a lot more visibility outside of our local markets and that has definitely changed the landscape of the fashion industry. "There's a whole world outside of Delhi-NCR and we get orders from all parts of the world and this is an advantage young designers definitely have benefitted from," he added. Mishra, originally from Allahabad, finished his schooling in Lucknow. He started his career in the decor and events industry by working with renowned wedding decor company Rani Pink, where he is currently a partner. He started his label in 2009. Mishra said the fashion industry has also become a bit more professional now.

"Things have definitely improved over the years and there is a lot of professionalism considering consumers are also expecting a certain level of excellence when they are spending. "In order to cater to the needs of a burgeoning market consisted of well-exposed customers, we are definitely being steered into a more organised way of working and hold our own in this growing global market," he added. Mishra recently launched HASEEN, a Fall Winter 2017 bridal wear line, which is young and vibrant with a blend of earthiness and simplicity. It is available at his store Leela as well as online. "The launch of the new bridal store Leela has been a successful one. It is an ode to my mother who has always been my inspiration to do better, she is a living example of somebody I truly admire since I can remember," said the designer. (IANS)

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