Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Tour India Task On Day 38 Episode Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Tour India Task On Day 38 Episode Highlights - Sakshi Post

Telugu popular reality show Bigg Boss 3 successfully completed 37 episodes and has entered into its sixth week. In the latest episode, Bigg Boss announced a new task of the week titled 'Tour India' with special characters created for all the contestants.

As per the task, contestants are supposed to travel through 6 cities playing their characters and also have to finish a task in each city.

The journey of the task begins with Varun Sandesh rushing passengers to settle down. Ali Reza acting as a travel agent introduces himself to them. Ravi and Punarnavi as honeymoon couple share their first dance as newlyweds while the rest of the crew sings. To make Sreemukhi jealous Vithika Sheru holds the hand of Ali Reza for a dance.

After reaching their first destination, Ali shows them around and Baba Bhaskar becomes 'Bab Bhai'. He boards the train makes friends with Ravi and Himaja. Later, Bigg Boss announces another task at Srinagar where Sreemukhi and Baba Bhaskar have to pick apples from the tree, blindfolded. In the task, Baba Bhaskar won the task by collecting 8 apples while Sreemukhi collected only 5. Ali Reza monitored the task.

The crew reaches its second destination Chandigarh. Bigg Boss announced the second task 'Balle Balle'. The contestant who drinks the most number of glasses of lassi wins the task. Himaja monitors the task. Ravi wins the task by drinking four glasses of lassi while Mahesh Vitta drinks only 3 glasses of lassi.

Bigg Boss announces the end of the first phase of the task.

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