Kaushal-Nani Clash Drama Only For Bigg Boss TRPs?

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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 is one of the most interesting reality shows loaded with emotions, drama and fun. Now, Season-2 is being hosted by Natural star Nani who was last seen in Krishnarjuna Yuddham which fared well at the box office.

The common sentiment among Bigg Boss buffs is that all is not well between Kaushal and Nani. Most of the TV viewers who closely follow the episodes feel that Nani is deliberately targeting Kaushal and show only his outburst videos to the audiences to create a bad impression of him. The more Nani is trying to show him in a negative shade, the popular he is getting.

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People are loving Kaushal more and more and given their thumbs up to his behaviour towards Nani despite all the differences. But wait, we have a doubt! We are just wondering if the eneminty between the host and the contestant is for real or is it being staged?

Is the Nani-Kaushal drama on the show only to fetch TRP ratings? Bigg Boss house is scrutinized by cameras 24*7. But only edited clips of the happenings are highlighted. And most of the broadcast material has Kaushal for sure. Why isn't the focus on the other contestants?

Are the TV management and show organisers trying to cash in on the craze for Kaushal and his popular fan base Kaushal army who are not only trending on social media every day but also giving the show wide publicity. Every clip concerning Kaushal is scrutinised, questioned and debated by his fans.

So is it true that Nani and Kaushal don't see eye to eye? By now, it's common knowlege that Nani is fond of Tanish and projecting him as a strong contender for winner's title. Rumouyr mills attribute this favouritism to Nani's closeness to Tanish, who was his co-star in the Telugu film Ride.

On the other hand, another section of the audience feel that there's no love lost between Nani and Kaushal and these are mere gimmicks created by the TV channel and show organisers to garner more eyeballs and increase their TRPs for the show.

We already informed you that Kaushal's name figures in this week's nomination list and he is leading with a majority of votes compared to other contestants,it is learned.

Kaushal is known for his soft mannerisms and approach to things. He is giving other contestants tough competition. We already told you that Geetha Madhuri and Tanish too are top contenders to win Bigg Boss 2. However, the wave seems to be towards Kaushal, a reason why most of the fans are betting on him to win the title. Let's wait and see what happens next.Come back for more.

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