Diwali-The Festival of Enlightenment

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By Sadhana Saleem

As the country eases into a celebratory mood to honor the return of Lord Rama from his exile after vanquishing Ravana, it is a time for reflection.

This story underscores a fundamental truth; The subtlety of bravery, the importance of having and maintaining a stand, the importance of not selling out.

This story has inspired people for millennia to do right, not by opportunity but by moral authority.

As we pause to reflect upon these considerations that set us apart as Indians true to a value system that reaches back into the earliest times of humanity’s quest to find its soul, let us reflect on the importance of continuing the tradition of honoring those who steadfastly uphold that value system.

Let us reinforce our faith in those who cannot be persuaded by any measure, to collude with the debauched, to gain temporary reprieve.

Let us hope that victory of good over evil and the dawn of enlightenment over ignorance, will permeate our senses and sensibilities in the year ahead, delivering us from darkness and oppression wrought by the unscrupulous, into the light of the principled.

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