Stellar Book Launch: 'Swallowing the Sun' by Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri

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A stellar book launch was held at Taj Krishna on Monday evening for 'Swallowing the Sun,' published by Kitaab Publishers and authored by Mrs. Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri, Former Assistant Secretary-General and Ambassador. Mrs. Sangita Reddy, JMD of Apollo Hospitals Group, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Also in attendance was Mr. Najeeb Jung, Former Lt. Governor of Delhi.

The event was also attended by Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, IFS, Union Minister for Urban Development, and former Permanent Representative at the United Nations. Dr. Sunaina Singh, the former Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University, also engaged in an interesting round of discussion with the author.

The much-touted book is set in pre-independent India, where the author discusses the power of women of that era through her key female characters. The author also laid emphasis on the audacity of the women, their desires, and ambitions, refuting the age-old belief systems of womanhood from the Indian perspective.

The conversation between the author and Dr. Sunaina Singh was interspersed with beautiful renditions of poetry and verses. In her note, the writer aptly states that though the book covers only the first five decades of the twentieth century, today's readers can still relate to the characters depicted in the book. The novel is set against the backdrop of British India, and the characters are portrayed in a distinct style, brilliantly coming alive throughout the narrative.

Conversations, poetry, and a bit of history and philosophy about the author’s exploration of the concept of ardhanareshwar are woven together so beautifully, coming alive alongside the socio-political movements of British-ruled times, making for a rich reading experience. There was no doubt that the audience was mesmerized, being led from poignant scenes of a mother's loss to conversations about lost love between a couple on their wedding night.

As the author states, the book is truly a labor of sisterly love. “Swallowing the Sun” is currently a bestseller, published by Aleph, and the author did mention that there might soon be a Telugu translation of the book. With this great plan for the Telugu reading diaspora, the enthralling evening, which started with high tea, ended on a high note.

The enthralled crowd eagerly thronged to purchase the newly launched book. Engaging conversations among the guests at the event captivated the audience throughout. The event, which was a happening affair, was organized by Ehsaas - Women of Hyderabad and the Prabha Khaitan Foundation.

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