Does Pawan Kalyan Have A Political Future?

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Manasa Pavuluri

The big question in political circles of Andhra Pradesh is—does Pawan Kalyan have a political future? In the light of firebrand YSRCP MLA Roja’s criticism of the Jana Sena founder, as also by the party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma, a host of doubts seem to cloud his public image.

Is Pawan Kalyan simply the leader of the B team of the TDP as some YSRCP leaders frequently describe him? Is he genuinely interested in politics? How much time has he devoted to serving the people from the time that he announced his entry into politics? How sincere has he been in his criticism of TDP and Chandrababu Naidu over the past three odd years? When he supported the TDP-BJP combine in AP in the 2014 polls, is he not accountable in any way for the TDP misrule? Shouldn’t he have condemned the tragedy which took place during the Pushkarams? Is it fair on his part to ignore the tragedy involving a bus which belonged to TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy’s group? Did he ever have a word of criticism on the escalation of cost of the Polavaram project? Did it ever cross his mind to speak out on the sand mafias which have sprouted all over Andhra Pradesh from the time that TDP government came to power?

How come he decided to visit the Polavaram project site just when the YSRCP decided to send its MPs MLAs and MLCs on a bus Yatra to Polavaram? Politics, Pawan Kalyan should know, as Roja and Vasireddy Padma reminded him, is not some kind of part-time activity that one can return to in between shooting breaks. Does he have the moral mettle to question AP leader of the opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy?

When he criticises dynastic politics he should remember as the YSRCP leaders said the other day, that he took a piggyback ride on his brother, Chiranjeevi’s image. As Roja rightly asked of him would anyone have cast him in a film had it not been for Chiranjeevi? Did he not stand on the shoulders of the mega star to build his image in films?

This should be a time of serious introspection for the power star as his credibility hangs in the balance. Why is it that his sudden decision to embark on a Pada Yatra coincide with the Praja Sankalpa Yatra of the YSRCP president which has been going on for more than a month with tremendous success? There are several unanswered questions about the political future of the Jana Sena founder and coincidences which make him suspect in the eyes of the people; actions which seem to have an impact on his image. It is about time that the power star got his act together.

People still remember the merger of Praja Rajyam and how a large section of Andhra Pradesh felt betrayed by this act. Where was Pawan Kalyan at that time? Why did he not offer a full-fledged political alternative then? Where was he during the run-up to the bifurcation of the state? What did he do right after that? People remember his actions and we are not referring to the roles he has played in the many movies he has starred in. We are talking about his actions off the screen and his political aspirations. It is on this count that the Telugu actor has to respond to the many questions which Roja and Vasireddy Padma among many others have justly raised about him.

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