Angry Over Not Being Allowed To Play PUBG Boy Beheads Father, Chops Limbs

Raghuveer Kumbhar - Sakshi Post

Belagavi: A 25-year-old boy had beheaded his father and chopped his limbs and arms off his body as well. This he did out of anger because his father did not allow him to play the game PUBG.

Getting into the details Raghuveer Kumbhar stayed with his family at Siddeshwar Nagar in Kakati village of Belagavi. He was a poor student and had a few uncleared backlogs as well. He had asked his father for some money for a game he wanted to bet on. When his father denied him the money he got angry and made quite the scene. He also broke the window panes of his neighbor. His neighbor, then filed a complaint with the local police and the boy was called. Here he was being grilled by the police for his acts and his father also came down on him hard for misbehaving. After the commotion they all went back home. It was 4 am and his father could ere his son still playing in the room. Angry at how unaffected by the issue his son was, he snatched the phone from his son. The anger kicked in, but this time it was lethal.

He closed the door to the room his mom was sleeping in, and started assaulting his father. He then used a sickle and beheaded his father. Among all this commotion the police were called. Apparently the boy was so angry that he asked the police to wait as he wasn’t finished with chopping his father’s body into pieces.

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