South India Under Terrorist Attack Threat?

Southern Army Commander Lieutenant General SK Saini - Sakshi Post

The Southern Army Commander Lieutenant General SK Saini at a public gathering had mentioned that the southern peninsular region of India is under a threat of terror. He added that an enhanced capacity building has been undertaken in the Sir Creek region between India and Pakistan due to the threat perception. He was speaking at the foundation laying ceremony in the campus the Army Law College at Kanhe near Pune.

“We have got many inputs that there may be a terrorist attack in Southern part of India and peninsular India. Some abandoned boats have also been recovered in Sir Creek. We have undertaken measures for capacity building and capability development in the region, keeping in mind the enhanced threat perception. We are taking precautions to ensure that the designs of inimical elements or the terrorists are thwarted,” he said

While talking about steps taken by the Government tomodify the Section 370, he said, “Any conflict which is in the sub-conventional domain, has got both internal and external dimensions. In the case of J&K, the external dimension is much more pronounced than the internal dimension. We have a very clear cut policy based on which we have been resolving insurgencies. The government takes a comprehensive view of every conflict and undertakes political, economic, social and diplomatic measure to resolve it. Army’s role is to create conducive conditions for such initiatives of the government. At the moment, the Army is fully geared to any challenge and contingency which arises in the situation as far as J&K is concerned.”

When asked about Army raising the matter of defining the border in Sir Creek with the government, Gen Saini said, “There was no agreement as far as Sir Creek is concerned. It was being discussed as one of the elements in the composite dialogues of which various rounds were carried out. As far resolution of dispute is concerned, it is a matter between the two governments.”

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