IIT Hyderabad Student Was Suicide Not Murder: Police

Anirudhya (file photo) - Sakshi Post

Sangareddy: The mystery over the death of IIT Hyderabad graduate has been solved.  The death turns out to be a suicide. Suicide note by the deceased Anirudhya was found by the police. On Saturday at 12:45 am, Anirudhya a student of IIT-H committed suicide by jumping off the sixth floor of his hostel building.

Anirudhya was a fourth-year student of mechanical and aerospace engineering. His friends came out and said, this was not a suicide and police were trying to probe all the other related angles to solve this mystery.

However, a suicide note written by Anirudhya was revealed. Actually an email, which was sent to three of his friends. The note has a casual tone and states that nobody is responsible for his suicide.

In his suicide note, Anirudhya mentions that it was not a hasty decision, it was a well thought out one and he had planned things a week ahead. In the suicide note, he mentions that he didn't want to go through the regular grind in the life and took this decision. Anirudhya mentioned that the past week was the happiest week of his life. The IIT-H student added that he owed an explanation to his friends and thus he was writing this email. He ended the note by saying they were great friends, over and out Anirudhya.

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