My Husband Has An Extra-marital Affair: Suicide Note

A woman committed suicide by hanging herself. This incident was reported from Palangi Road, Tanuku - Sakshi Post

Tanuku: A woman committed suicide by hanging herself. This incident was reported from Palangi Road, Tanuku. The deceased was identified as Kalisetti Anantha Lakshmi (29). Her husband Kalisetti Shiva Kumar is an SBI employee in the city.

According to reports, they got married on April 22, 2015 at Dwaraka Tirumala against their parent's wishes. On Wednesday night, she committed suicide at her flat. The police reached the spot and collected the details.

It is learned that Siva Kumar had been carrying on an extra-marital relationship with a woman he was separated from before his marriage. Since the girl's father is an Assistant Sub Inspector of Police, her brother also used to threaten the victim. Post their marriage, the couple had several arguments over this affair. Four days back, Siva Kumar told his wife that he is leaving to Tirupati. But Anantha Lakshmi learned that Siva Kumar had gone on a tour with his paramour had a fight over the phone. Later, she left her child at Siva Kumar's parent's house saying she was going out.

Siva Kumar's mother suspected something amiss after she didn't return to the house. Later, they filed a complaint at the police station. On Wednesday night around 12 AM, they broke the doors of Siva Kumar's flat and found Anantha Lakshmi hanging. The victim's father Satyanarayana held the son-in-law, his lover and his parents responsible for the suicide. He lodged a complaint in the police station and the police started has probing the matter. The body was shifted to Tanuku government hospital for postmortem and the police took Siva Kumar into custody to interrogate him.

She left a Suicide Note. Here's a peek into that..

"My husband has an extra-marital affair with a girl. The girl's parents, her brother and his wife are helping her in the relationship. They all ruined my life and my love. Please get my husband married to that girl so that she wouldn't in lives of other couples. Within two years, she will become like me," she wrote in the suicide note.

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