Forensic Report Nails The Truth: Ex-SEC Nimmagadda’s Letter To Centre Was Prepared Outside  

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VIJAYAWADA: Startling revelations are coming to the fore over the letter written by the former State Election Commissioner (SEC) Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar to the Union Home Ministry. The forensic report which was handed over to the CID authorities revealed that the letter in question was not drafted in the SEC’s office but came from outside.

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Forensic experts who examined the laptops and desktops concluded that the letter was not prepared in the SEC's office. CID officials have already gathered enough evidence regarding the letter and were waiting for the forensic report.

CID ADG Sunil Kumar, who is conducting the investigation in this matter, categorically said that Ramesh Kumar's personal assistant Sambamurthy had lied about the letter's origin. He said the letter was prepared in advance somewhere outside. The letter was delivered to Ramesh Kumar on the morning of March 18 through a pen drive. He expressed confidence that the source of the letter would soon be investigated and revealed.

Ramesh Kumar's letter to the Union Home Secretary had raised suspicions from the beginning. It is alleged that the letter was written in the office of the TDP where signatures were forged and a fake document was created. Based on this, Rajya Sabha MP V Vijayasai Reddy filed a complaint with the CID seeking investigation into the forged signature of the former SEC. Vijayasai Reddy alleged that the signature of Ramesh Kumar on the orders of the issuance of the election notification and the one on the letter written to the Union Home Ministry were different.

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