Will it be end of the road for VH?

Will it be end of the road for VH? - Sakshi Post

It's going to be swansong for senior Congress rabble rouser V Hanumanth Rao. With his Rajya Sabha term expring on June 21 this year and with little hopes of getting re-elected from Telangana because of the highly depleted strength of the Congress Party in the state, VH may have to hang his political shoes.

Not just VH, even Congress MPs Jairam Ramesh and JD Seelam, whose term is expiring, have no hopes of getting re-elected.

Gundu Sudharani, who was elected on TRS ticket, but defected to TRS later, is likely to be renominated by the TRS. Union Ministers Sujana Choudary and Nirmala Seetaraman's term is also expiring around the same time, but both are likely to be re-elected.

VH, know for his steadfast loyalty to Sonia Gandhi family, has been made Rajya Sabha MP thrice, a rarity in the Congress Party. The party does not usually renominate anyone as Rajya Sabha MP for three times.

VH was nominated in 1992 and 2004. However, now the Congress does not have enough strength to get its candidates elected in both Telangana and Rayalaseema.

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