Why did Pawan Kalyan lie to Chiranjeevi?

Why did Pawan Kalyan lie to Chiranjeevi? - Sakshi Post

Reclusive Pawan Kalyan managed to keep his political plans under wraps and conned even his brother and union minister Chiranjeevi into believing that he would not take the political plunge. While Pawan's political plans were an open secret, Chiranjeevi, who believed his younger brother's word, learnt about latter's political foray only through the media like everyone else. 

In an interview to a daily, actor-turned-politician, Chiranjeevi when questioned about his brother's foray into politics, said that he was kept in the dark. (Chiru, Pawan: Clash of brothers?)

Chiranjeevi said that he was not aware of Pawan's plans, and when he heard news about Pawan planning to launch a party, he tried confirming the same with Pawan. However Pawan denied having any political ambitions.  (Chiranjeevi's response)

Not satisfied his answer, Chiranjeevi even send their brother, Nagabuabu to Pawan, but the latter refused to reveal his plans. 

The 'Stalin' star added that he never stopped his brother from pursuing their dreams and ambitions. However, Pawan should at least earn some more money and have a house before standing for elections, Chiranjeevi said.  

Chiranjeevi pointed out that in spite of promising him, Pawan never came to visit him. Instead he heard about the launch of Jana Sena on TV like others.  (Nagababu's response)

When asked about how he will face his own brother in politics, Chiranjeevi said that Jana Sena is an opposition and will be dealt with accordingly.  


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