What Bollywood Said About Pakistani Actors in India

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Mumbai: Bollywood appears to be vertically divided by over the issue of allowing Pakistani artistes to work in India. Here is what Bollywood said about Pakistani artistes since the surgical strikes by the Indian army on terror camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK):

Nana Patekar: A country comes first and soldiers are its biggest heroes. Pakistani actors and everything come later, but first comes my country. I don't know anyone apart from my country and nor would I like to know anyone. Actors are Bedbugs in front of the nation. We don't have any worth.

Javed Akhtar: The fact that Pakistani artistes have not condemned the Uri attack is a kind of a confession that the country is responsible for it. If Pakistan says they aren't responsible for it, I don't see any reason any Pakistani artiste should not condemn it.

Nana Patekar

Gulzar: The noted lyricist also avoided a direct answer on the strained ties between the two nations. "Is this relevant to the programme for which we have come? Aap agar shaadi may jaayein, aur baat frontier ki karne lage, theek lagega? We should talk of Motu Patlu to the soldiers there? Be relevant to the occasion."

Hema Malini: As an artist I appreciate their work but I don't want to comment about whether they should live here or leave this country. The actress said, she respects the Pakistani artistes but cannot ignore the sacrifice of Indian soldiers.

Sonali Bendre: We are very proud of our Army and our government for the surgical strikes (on terror camps in PoK). It was a different initiative. The producers body has already banned them. If they're not your friends and if you're cutting the relations in business, every business should stop. Of course, considering the times it should be the norm of the day and should be applicable to everybody.

Radhika Apte: I think if a Swiss watch can come to the country and have their own corporate stores, I think a Pakistani actor should come here and do a film here in India.

Radhika Apte

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