Top Kannada Heroines In Chicago Sex Racket?

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Chicago: The Telugu film industry is in the thick of a series of controversies this year. It all began with the casting couch issue which broke out thanks to actress Sri Reddy's sensational comments and allegations about the harassment of women in Tollywood. Even as we begin to forget the Sri Reddy fiasco, a sex racket allegedly involving several Telugu actresses was busted here.

Kishan Modugumudi and Chandra Kala Purnima Modugumudi, an NRI couple based in Chicago was arrested last week by the US Police for allegedly running a sex racket that involved Tollywood actresses.

According to reports, the couple was allegedly luring the actresses on the pretext of dance shows, before pushing them into prostitution. In a bid to attract customers, a group of six actresses was invited to Telugu American Indian conferences and other events.

On November 20, 2017, an actress, travelled to Chicago. But her visa was issued to facilitate her participation in an event organised by Telugu Association Of South California on November 18. The US authorities became suspicious about the actress, since she was travelling two days after the scheduled event, and to a different location.

Upon questioning the actress in Chicago, she said that she was there to attend another event organised by North America Telugu Society. However, the cops found out that it was false.

After digging further, the police found out that Kishan Modugumudi arranged the actress' travel and visa processing. Her visa was immediately revoked. Similarly, four other actresses were caught and had been detained.

Also, two Kannada star actresses, who were invited to the United States by the American Telugu Association, are allegedly involved in the sex racket. It came to light that they were advertised for prostitution.

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