Tollywood Star Moved To Tears By His Little Fan

Actor Ram with baby Chandrika - Sakshi Post

The actor took her in his arms and was moved to tears...

Visakhapatnam: A young girl’s constant battle with life from her childhood had a brief interlude when she got to meet and spend time with her favourite Tollywood actor Ram of ‘Vardhamana’ movie fame, who made time for the little one and visited her home.

Kundana Poornchandrika, (5) suffers from paralysis below her waist. This debilitating defect has robbed her of her childhood since birth. While other boys and girls her age actively run around the house and make the elders chase them by being naughty, Chandrika’s paralysis denies her and her family that joy.

Chandrika lives in MVP Colony in sector-3 of Visakhapatnam with her parents and an elder sister, who treat her as the apple of their eye.

She nurtured a desire to meet the Tollywood star Ram ever since she caught a glimpse of him on his previous visit to the city. The movie star, who was in Visakhapatnam recently on a cinema shoot, got to hear about the little girl and decided to pay her a visit.

He landed at the family’s doorstep on Friday and spent some time with his little fan. He inquired about her health from Chandrika’s parents and was visibly moved by her plight. The actor took her in his arms and was moved to tears.

He then composed himself and decided to invite the little one and her family to lunch on Saturday. Chandrika was joyful and excited about not only getting to meet and spend time with her favourite star but also enjoy a meal with him the following day.

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