Thousands pledge support for Jagan

Thousands pledge support for Jagan - Sakshi Post

There were demonstrations against the incarceration of Jagan in the prison since one year. Hordes of people on the march against the injustice done to Jagan;  People assert that the Government cannot forcibly separate Jagan from his followers. 

They say that it is a conspiracy cooked up between the Government and the TDP.
 The ruling party, joined by the main opposition party and their supporters in the yellow media  had conspired to file false cases resulting in the imprisonment, since  one year, of a popular leader who won the hearts of the people. The people responded by coming out in great crowds, to express their solidarity with the harassed family members of YS Jagan.
It is one year as on 27th of May since Jagan was arrested. YSRC Party declared it as a day of betrayal to undertake demonstrations all over the state. The demonstrators held candles and torches to symbolise the need to drive away the darkness that filled the state after the death of YSR.
Jagan’s mother Vijayamma and his wife Y S Bharathi kick-started the rally in Hyderabad.  Vijayamma was accompanied by Konathala Rama Krishna,  co-ordinator for  political affairs of YSRC party,  member of CGC  Y.V. Subba Reddy , MLA Gadikota Srikantha Redy, Koona Srisailam Gaud and several senior party leaders,  who walked along with her in the rally.  Several party workers took part in the rally shouting slogans of Jai Jagan !, Johar YSR !  and CBI Down, Down! They displayed bird cages reflecting the comment of the Supreme Court that CBI had become a caged parrot.
The rally started at the people’s Plaza on the necklace road in Hyderabad. People from across the city and nearby districts gathered in huge numbers. The party honourary president YS Vijayamma, who reached the venue at 8 pm paid homage to the statue of YSR and lit the first candle.  She expressed her gratitude to all those who had come to express their solidarity.   She said that rallies will be conducted at District Head Quarters on Tuesday and that people should participate in great numbers. Media asked for her reactions to the way attempts were being made to obstruct a  peaceful rally, she said people themselves will teach them a lesson.
YS Bharathi, wife of Jagan also lit a candle and greeted the huge number of people. Jagn’s daughters too took part in the rally. YS Bharathi detailed the way the CBI was conducting  investigation with a vindictive motive. The CBI filed three charge sheets against Jagan naming him as the first accused without even questioning him and giving an opportunity for him to defend himself. Does this not go against natural justice? she asked.  Section 167 in the CRPC says that bail should be granted to a person if he is detained for more than 90 days without conviction.  But the CBI has blatantly ignored this provision. What is the point of there being laws? or should we think that whatever the CBI says is the law?  CBI has been questioning Jagan since 22months, but were they able to find out any wrong doing on his part? These were some of the questions she asked agonizing over the situation in which her husband finds himself.
Rallies were conducted in Kurnool, Allagadda, Srisailam, Atmakur, Kodumur, pathikonda and Nandyal. A torch light rally was conducted in Madanpalli in Chittoor District. A candle light vigil was organised In Tirupati, Nellore, Udaygiri and Kovvur.
Candle light rallies were conducted in 16 constituences of Krishna District and also in Guntur. A rally was taken out in Vizag from RK beach to Kirlampudi layout beach. Rallies were conducted in East and West Godavari Districts, Vijzianagaram, and Srikakulam disrtricts.
 Karimnagar , Jagatyal , Mustahbad , vemulavada , Station ghanapur in Warangal District, Narsampet , Dornakal, and Vardhana pet , Nirmal , Mancheryal, Kagas nagar , Khanapur, Asifabad , Bellampalli  Khammam, and Nalgonda are some of the constituencies which witnessed huge rallies.





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