|Watch| Man Attempts To Jump Off PVNRI Express Way Fly-Over

Watch Man attempt to jump off PVNRI Express way - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: A fake news that spread around the City made its way to the ears of a man from Bihar who happened to believe what he read. The news piece had communicated the message that a daring act pulled off, will earn the person a Mahindra Scorpio from the Prime Minister Modi himself.

At the next opportunity that he availed he got himself up on the PVNRI Express way and was sitting on the railing ready to jump of the fly-over over the Pillar No 125 in Attapur. Luckily two people from a gym across saw the man, and rushed to the fly over, caught him off guard and pulled him back before he could do any damage to himself or anyone who came his way.

The alarming rate at which fake news is spreading is something we need to keep in check. Educated people are informed enough to tell the difference, but it is mostly the uninformed rural communities that fall for the trap of fake news.

It is being learned that the boy is mentally challenged and his parents who live in Maharashtra have been informed, and they are on the way To pick him up

Take a look at a tweet that shows the man being saved from jumping off the bridge:

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