Telangana Board Declares Result of Inter Student Who Committed Suicide: Fail, Pass, Fail

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Hyderabad: Intermediate student Anamika Aritala, who scored 20 marks in her Telugu exam originally in the Telangana Intermediate exams had, in fact, passed the exam by scoring 48 marks, as per the re-evaluation score.

However, hours after the declaration of the re-evaluation results, the Telangana state Board of Intermediate Examination (TSBIE) claimed a 'clerical error' stating that her re-evaluation marks are 21, instead of 48.

No matter the result, Anamika, was one of 26 students who committed suicide after the Intermediate examination results were declared on April 18. Anamika killed herself on the day results were declared. Around three lakh students were declared to have failed which brought to notice the large-scale irregularities of the Intermediate Board. Protests erupted throughout the state resulting in the High Court directing a re-evaluation of those scripts.

Among those discrepancies, the extreme anomaly includes one student scoring zero marks in Telugu exam but upon recounting, the score became 99.

3.28 lakh students were declared as failed in their examinations of the 9.7 lakh students who appeared for the exams. Upon re-evaluation, 1,137 students had actually passed their respective exams.

Speaking to NDTV, Anamika's sister stated that it is not suicide but murder by the government adding that it is mistake committed by the state government, Globarena and the Intermediate Board.

Pointing out to the fact that her sister passed, she mentioned as to how the Board kept saying that the 26 students who committed suicide didn't pass.

An inquiry initiated by the state government indicated the inability of Globarena Technologies Pvt Ltd in handling the massive data for holding the examination.

The report further claimed that there was no significant variation observed in the pass percentage of 2019 when compared with 2018.

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