Telangana: Women Help Desks in every police station

Telangana: Women Help Desks in every police station - Sakshi Post

A help desk will be set up in each of the police station in Telangana to assist women in distress.

Director General of Police Anurag Sharma today announced setting up of 'Woman Help Desks' in police stations across the State.

The DGP made the announcement after a meeting of Committee on Safety and Security of Women, which briefed him about discussions the members had had with various stakeholders over the past one week, according to an official release.

The Telangana police chief told the panel members that the proposed help desks will have two assistants to help women victims.

The assistants will note down the case details and facilitate speedy disposal of the matter.

Sharma assured the committee members, he will ask the government to appoint a woman counsellor, either at the sub- divisional level or at the police station level, in coordination with Women and Child Welfare Department.

Appointment of legal advisors and setting up of fast- track courts to handle serious cases will also be recommended, he said.

Committee Chairperson Poonam Malakondaiah, along with its members met the DGP.

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