TPCC Chief Accuses Telangana Govt Of Conducting Fewer COVID-19 Cases

TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy - Sakshi Post

JAGITYAL: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President and Nalgonda MP Uttam Kumar Reddy on Thursday made a sensational claim that the coronavirus cases in the state appear to be very less as very few tests are being conducted by the state government.

Speaking to the media here, he claimed that the state is actually behind the national average and the average of several states individually. He said that Telangana had done only 22,000 tests while the neighbouring states have conducted over two lakh tests.

“The state did not care about the ICMR guidelines which allowed conducting of COVID-19 tests even at private hospitals in the state,” he said. The Telangana state is required to test 5,000 samples per day. But, only 200 samples per day are being tested in the state, he alleged.

Uttam slammed K Chandrashekhara Rao for putting at risk the life of people in the state by not conducting tests in large numbers and not revealing the data of COVID-19 cases.

He also said that the state government had failed in furnishing the total number of migrant labourers in the state.

He also lashed out at KCR for not disclosing the details of the funds received from the Central government and also the extent of money spent on combating the Coronavirus pandemic in the state. He also accused KCR of plunging the state into steep debt in the last six years.

Speaking about the regulated crop system in the state, he said that the farmers are yet to receive money even three months after their red gram produce was procured by the state government. “And yet you ask the farmers to go for the red gram crop again?” he questioned.

Vowing that Congress is a party that would always fight in support of the farmers, Uttam Kumar Reddy accused the Telangana government of having a nexus with the cotton seed companies and that is the reason why the govt is insisting on also growing the cotton crop. The TPCC chief said that the government should ask farmers to grow cotton and other crops only when they could be bought at Rs 7,000 as a minimum selling price.

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