Bandla Ganesh Breaks Silence On Suicide Claim

Bandla Ganesh in Tirumala - Sakshi Post

Tirumala: Congress Spokesperson Blade Ganesh aka Bandla Ganesh who disappeared after his last interview, where he said that he would cut himself with a 7 'o' clock blade if the Congress party lost the elections, resurfaced in Tirumala yesterday.

Coming out from the Temple he was accosted by the media who were waiting to ask him the billion-dollar question as to when he would cut his throat, Bandla Ganesh was quite restrained in his replies.

When asked about the Congress party's failure in the Telangana elections he said that the failure is the foundation for success in the future. He also said that he hadn't gone underground or anywhere and he had intentionally stayed away from the media as he was quite disappointed with the Congress Party's failure in the Elections and went into introspection.

When he was asked about the Blade jab, he got a little serious and said that people say different things when they get emotional and there was no need to take it literally. "Shall I really cut my throat here at the temple?", he asked and told the reporters that he said that only to instill confidence in the leaders and that he became overconfident for which he couldn't do anything and walked off.

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