National Ice Figure Skating Championship 2018

The 15th National Ice Figure Skating Championship, held at iSkate, Ambience Mall, Gurugram - Sakshi Post

National Ice Figure Skating Championship 2018: The 15th National Ice Figure Skating Championship concluded on 13th October 2018 which was held at iSkate, Ambience Mall, Gurugram. The event took place in association with Ice Skating Association of India with 80 participants spread from all across the country which were categorized under several age groups viz below 10, 10-13, 13-15, 15-19 and 19 and above.

This has brought in a fruitful new learning experience under the mentorship of Legend Mentor Mr. Jagraj Singh Sahney who had been titled as Figure Skating King in 1980. Proficient coaches like Mr. Anup Kumar Yama who is a World Champion and Arjuna Awardee along with Mr. Vasudev Tandi, a Renowned International Skater who have also been a guiding light for the skaters.

ISAI had also invited an All Time National Champion since 2010 who has won Double Gold in Solo and Pair Ice Figure Skating, Nishchay Luthra to be a part of the Coaches. Adding to this, he has been a nine times gold medalist in Solo and Pair Ice Figure Skating, as well. He has won several international medals for the country with some outstanding and unbeatable scores ever in the Indian History. He had been undertraining in the USA by world class coaches and institutes in Miami, Minnesota and Dallas for his Advance Training.

The championship declared and concluded the results depending upon the skating skills, body movements, postures, elements, jumps, flexibility and spins of the participants. The results for the Solo Performances, Pair Dance and Synchronization were declared respective as follows:

Solo Performances Result:

Pair Dance Results:

Synchronization Results:

A special performance of Ice Dance had been done by Aaditabh Gupta and Tanzil Soni under 13 age category which was highly appreciated and applauded.

A Press Conference was also followed to conclude the event at Indian Women’s Press Corps (IWPC) to motivate the young and future Ice Skaters of the nation. The Winners of this National Championship also get to represent India in the Asian and International Ice Figure Skating Games. This event undoubtedly boosted the morale of the young figure skaters.

On the closing ceremony, Colonel S. C Narang, General Secretary, ISAI (The Ice Skating Association of India) added few sentences to inspire the young minds to perform better and said, “We are very happy with the performance of these exceptional kids and we are very proud to see their enthusiasm and challenging spirits.”

Mr. R K Gupta; President, ISAI (The Ice Skating Association of India) said, “We are experiencing an increase preference and awareness for Ice Skating in India and yet to hear an adequate support from the government of our country. The parents have full-fledged involvement with their children in the activity and the association appeals them to consider the sport more as a career than a hobby”.

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