Police Refuse to Take Complaint Against Constable by Second Wife

Police Refuse to Take Complaint Against Constable by Second Wife - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: When a helpless woman, who had a child with an already married constable, wanted to lodge a complaint against the man, the SR Nagar police refused to take it on Thursday.Constable Rajaram is attached to SR Nagar police station and Nirosha lives in Banjara Hills area. As her husband was not coming home for the past few days, she went to the police station and asked him about his negligence. However, the constable pretended that he never knew the woman. After some argument, a frustrated Nirosha attempted to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train along with her one-and-a-year-old son. Some passersby saved her and took her to the police again, but the police asked her to go to Banjara Hills police station.

The woman first came into contact with the constable when she went to SR Nagar police station to file a complaint about her lost mobile phone. She was staying in a hostel in Ameerpet. Rajaram developed intimacy with Nirosha and they got married at Sanghi temple later. The couple has been living in Banjara Hills and got a child. However, Rajaram was not coming home for a few days and avoided her phone calls also. When she finally caught hold of her husband at his workplace, he pretended that he never saw her before.

In fact, Rajaram was already married before coming into contact with Nirosha. He became close to her and later married her at a temple on the city outskirts saying his parents might object to their marriage if they come to know. Nirosha came to know about his first marriage when she went to police station on Thursday and she wanted to end her life in frustration. Her parents belong to Warangal.

The police could not see anything illegal in this entire episode and just sent the woman away.      

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