PM believes in marketing, concentrating powers in his hands: Rahul

PM believes in marketing, concentrating powers in his hands: Rahul - Sakshi Post

Rahul Gandhi targetted Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying he believes only in marketing and symbolism and concentrating all power in his hands in the belief that he can run the country alone.

Accusing the NDA government of treating democratic processes as useless, the Congress Vice President said Today (Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha) Mallikarjun Khargeji was speaking but the microphone was switched off.  We never did this kind of thing.Their thinking is that the democratic process is useless and not required. They cannot say it outside but this is their thinking, Gandhi said.

Adressing an alumni meet of Youth Congress, Rahul charged BJP does not believe in democracy and on the contrary when there was UPA government at the Centre, leaders of opposition parties always got a chance to speak in parliament. He also referred to the protest led by him in Parliament over the controversial remarks of union minister Niranjan Jyoti amid a stalemate between the government and the opposition on the issue.

He said while the programmes of UPA were eaimed at giving power to the people at large, those of NDA government snatch power from people. This is the difference. The Prime Minister feels that he alone can run the country. He deeply believes in this. And this can never work. Only people of this country will run it...His thinking is of symbolism. Say anything, market it and then start saying the next thing. People will react to it, Gandhi said as he also sought to pick holes in the Prime Minister's Sansad Gram Yojana scheme.

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