Singapore Telugu Society Launches STS Konnects To Connect Communities Through Technology

STS KONNECTS- Inaugural Session on 6 Nov 2021-Fireside Chat with Mr. Piyush Gupta, CEO, DBS Group - Sakshi Post

The Telugu community in Singapore ( Singapore Telugu Samajam)  launched a new event titled STS Konnects on Saturday, November 6, to raise awareness about the well-being of the people living in Singapore, enhance the various technology skills among them, as well as to promote national integration through these programs.

Piyush Gupta, Chief Executive Officer and Director of DBS Group, was the Chief Guest for the event. Miss Universe Singapore Nandita Banna convened the program titled "Fire Side Chat with Piyush Gupta". Piyush Gupta discussed many questions asked by the viewers on various topics with useful insights.

On the occasion, President Kotireddy explained the main purpose, future planning, and necessity of the program in his inaugural address. The show STS KONNECTS was formally unveiled in the presence of Piyush Gupta. Organized in collaboration with about 20 organizations, the program seeks to enhance national integrity and gain the ultimate benefit, along with an understanding of technical issues. Secretary Satya Chirla was the keynote speaker for the program. Piyush Gupta, other guests, Nandita Banna, members of various organizations, members of the Singapore Telugu Samajam working group and all those who attended through various media, thanked the event organizers and vice president Anil Polisetti.

STS KONNECTS- Inaugural Session on 6 Nov 2021-Fireside Chat with Mr. Piyush Gupta*, CEO, DBS Group

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