Araku: Mystery Shrouds Death of Woman, 3 Kids 

 - Sakshi Post

In a tragic incident, a woman along with her three children were found dead in a suspicious condition in Araku valley. Did the mother kill her children and then commit suicide? Or Did she commit this after having quarreled with her husband? Or did the husband kill her? These are the questions being raised following their deaths.

As per the police, Surekha was living at the old post office colony in the Araku Valley urban area with her husband Sanjeeva Rao and three children. It is learned that the couple would fight frequently and Sanjeeva Rao left the house on Friday at around 4 pm. When he returned home, he saw his wife hanging in one room while the three children were lying lifeless on a bed in another room. Though he took the children to the hospital, the doctors said that they had already died.

The police examined the scene and found a half-eaten meal plate in the kitchen. They confirmed that the mother had poisoned her children with rice and later she hanged herself to a fan. However, Surekha's family members alleged that Sanjeevarao is the reason for their daughter’s death. The police has registered a case and are investigating.

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