Will Bigg Boss Eliminate Karan Kundrra For This Reason?

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Karan Kundrra has been termed as one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 15. He has been in nominations before, but fans saved him. Kundrra has been termed as one of the brightest players but that is seeing a change in recent times.

A few episodes ago, we saw Karan choke-slamming Pratik Sehajpal to the ground during a task. Many contestants have been eliminated due to this before. It was surprising that Kundrra was not. Earlier Zeeshan Khan on Bigg Boss OTT was thrown out of the house for merely pushing fellow contestants. Fans called out BB15 makers for being biased.

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But insider news suggests that in the coming week, we are going to see some shocking evictions and twists that will take the contestants by surprise.

Going by this, if at the end of certain tasks it will end up evicting some top player, then it is going to be a real shocker. Fans have been angry with Karan’s remarks on Anusha Dandekar, his ex-girlfriend. His image is seeing a turn in the house. From the decent one, he is now being termed as a contestant who is using his ex-girlfriend’s name to earn sympathy.

It is to be seen if he gets eliminated in the coming week or will regain his position as the strongest contestant of Bigg Boss 15.

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