Bigg Boss 15 Exclusive: Akasa Singh Eliminated

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The weekend is here and that means elimination on Bigg Boss 15. We had three nominated contestants this week. They are Akasa Singh, Simba Nagpal and Vishal Kotian. Among these one will get eliminated in the coming episode of Weekend ka Vaar.

Now the exclusive news has come that this week, Akasa Singh will be saying goodbye to BB15 house. Her elimination was kind of predictable, said many fans. Simba Nagpal did not do much in the beginning weeks but he was one of the top players this week. He even performed and won the tasks. So his elimination was unlikely.

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Vishal has been entertaining both audience and the housemates and his elimination, as we might have thought will not be this week. Akasa Singh is a strong player too but unfortunately, she got fewer votes when compared to the other two, and she will be eliminated during the Weekend ka Vaar.

After Sahil Shroff, Vidhi Pandya, and Donal Bisht, this will the fourth elimination of Bigg Boss 15. For at least two weeks, there were no eliminations.

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