Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 27: Fathe's Shocking Decision

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Jasmine feels happy that she and Fathe are moving to Canada after marriage. jasmine tells Sweety that  Fathe won't see Tejo anymore.  Tejo overhears her words and breaks into tears. Later, Jasmine performs dance while entering the mandap. Khushbeer, Rupi, and other family members get irked by Jasmine. Meanwhile, Mahi tells Khushbeer and Gurpreeth that Fathe is leaving Canada with Jasmine after marriage. Elsewhere, Gurpreeth asks Fathe about his Canada plan which stuns him. Fathe wonders how his family members got to know. On the other hand, Tejo shares her grief with Angad. Will Fathe change his mind on the Canada plan?

In yesterday's episode, Khushbeer hopes that Fathe will stop the engagement, but Fathe doesn't. Tejo and Angad get engaged, and Khushbeer gets disappointed that Fathe did not realise that he was losing Tejo. And then Fathe comes back to the house with a surprise for Jasmine. Later, Jasmine asks Fathe where he went and tells him to go and get ready. Meanwhile, Fathe gives a surprise to Jasmine by showing her Canada tickets. Jasmine feels delighted by the surprise and asks Fathe if they are leaving for Canada after marriage, to which Fathe says yes. Fathe tells Jasmine to not tell anyone about it but Jasmine shares it with Sweety where Tejo overhears. Angad requests Rupi and his wife to do rituals for Fathe. Anyway, Khushbeer and his family are not happy with Fathe and Jasmine's marriage.

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