Which Covid Vaccines Will Work Against South Africa Variant Omicron

 - Sakshi Post

The World Health Organization's experts cautioned on Friday that a new coronavirus variety identified in southern Africa was a "variant of concern," the agency's highest dangerous classification for such tracking. It is one of the variants that have a chance of spreading quickly.

Earlier it was the Delta variant that became a concern and was labeled as the variant that would hinder the effectiveness of the vaccine. These variants generally affect the treatment and might lead to severe symptoms.

According to the WHO, the new strain, termed omicron, has a number of genetic changes that could allow it to spread swiftly, even among those who have been vaccinated.

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It will take some time to do research and find out more about the variant before determining its full extent of effects. Experts are calling for urgent attention to omicron and more research on it. This might not be a variant of a bigger concern like Delta was. Omicron might not be as harmful as the vaccines can act against it but still, further research and studies are called for.

Botswana was the first place where Omicron was discovered. According to an international database of variations, six persons have tested positive for omicron there thus far.

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