Surya Actress Likitha Tejomurthula Stunning Revelations About Shanmukh Jaswanth

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Shanmukh Jaswanth is fondly called Shannu by his fans. Shanmukh became an overnight celebrity after his web series titled 'Software Developer'. The series went on to become a massive hit on Youtube. Since then, Shanmukh hasn't looked back. Even now, he is going great guns in the Bigg Boss house. We all know that Shanmukh is one of the most popular faces on Bigg Boss Telugu 5. He is also tipped to be one of the finalists in Bigg Boss Telugu 5. 

Have you watched Shanmukh's Surya web series? Surya also became a monster hit on Youtube. Actress Likitha Tejomurthula played Shannu's sister in the web series Surya. She shared a few interesting facts about Shanmukh Jaswanth. She stated, "I don't have a brother and Shanmukh doesn't have sisters. Luckily, we developed the sibling bond at the time of the series. We always care for each other."

Likitha went on to add, Shannu taught me how to respond to trolls. My brother is a king to me. He is a very shy person, he doesn't get connected to everyone easily. He takes time to open up to people. 

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Talking about heavy criticism that the Bigg Boss Telugu contestant is subjected to, Likitha says, "Everyone commits mistakes in life, pointing fingers at one's character over a single mistake is not right. When Shanmukh was caught in drunk and drive case, he was battling some issues and suffering alone."

Recalling the days, Likitha says, Shannu came to the shoot but never spoke to anyone regarding the case. He used to suffer alone, he used to complete his portions without showing his pain on the screen. I'm so proud and blessed to have him as a brother in my life. She concluded saying she had huge hopes that Shannu would win Bigg Boss Telugu 5. 

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